‘Disc’ just in: Ultimate frisbee club

design and photo credit: Mazzy Seigneur

Following a year of limited extracurricular opportunities, the school has seen a surge of exciting new clubs introduced. Many students have taken the initiative to start clubs they feel fill a gap in what has been available in previous years. One such club that has seen a recent surge in interest among students is the Ultimate Frisbee Club.

The club seeks to organize students to come together to play the popular recreational sport “Ultimate Frisbee.” The game consists of two teams whose objective is to pass a frisbee down the field and into an endzone, with traditional rules limiting the players movement while holding the frisbee.

The sports history holds deep roots within the academic sphere and was played on campuses. The original frisbee is believed to originate from tins used at a bakery near Yale that students would throw all around the university, according to The Sport Journal.

In 1968 the idea of “Ultimate” was proposed to Columbia High School in New Jersey. Soon after this initial proposition, the first official games of Ultimate Frisbee were held. The sport has seen immense growth with an estimated 50 countries and over 100,000 players participating in the sport. The competitive scene of the sport also continues to see growth with World Ultimate championships drawing crowds and bringing out the best players from each country.

The club has found its home among many diverse students all interested in what this new activity had to offer. It’s minimal requirements to join and accessibility to all has led to immense success in member turnout. The club’s adviser, Math Teacher Drew Bachman, and its members are all very optimistic towards the potential of the organization.

The club offers several incentives for students looking to participate.

“It’s not only just a time to go out and have fun, but we also end up getting a great workout,” senior member Connor Churan said.

As the high school community offers more options for athletic-based clubs, they hope to promote healthy and active lifestyle choices while also appealing to a number of students.

All members of the club have remained adamant that the club is for any and all students. The rules are simple and any member is happy to teach the skills involved in playing the game.    Each meeting follows a simple structure to maintain organization.

“We all come together to evenly split teams, then we explain rules while setting the boundaries and playing field, after that we just start playing,” Churan said.

A clear goal among the members has been recruitment and increasing the size of the club. However, the members have begun discussing other ways to expand and improve. The leaders of the club are looking towards more ambitious goals.