Multicultural Fair: Orange’s culture

photo credit: Natalie Tipp

It has been a tradition now at Olentangy Orange High School for students to dress up and show off their identities to everyone at Orange. This year The multicultural fair was on March 1st. Everyone had the opportunity to educate people about their own culture and share their traditions with them. Let’s look at the students who participated in this event. 

Juniors Salma Sajith and Sydney Schwade are 2 students that participated in this event and they both represented the table of Pakistan. Their table had cultural snacks and drinks as well as other volunteers that did mehndi on the students and staff. Both of these students had a lot to say about their experiences. 

When asked how they felt about the fair as a whole junior Salma Sajith said “I loved seeing all the different traditions and and cultural dances from around the world all in one place,” Sajith said. 

The Pakistan table put Mehndi which is a ntrual temporary tattoo on the students and staff at Orange. Junior Sydney Schwade watched as these students applied the Mehndi designs on the other students and staff.

“The intricate designs and patience it takes to do something like that is truly amazing and it looks very cute,” Schwade said. 

Food was a big thing at this event, people brought foods from their respective countries to share with everyone. Foods from Indian sweet mithai to Ethiopian biscuits.

“Watching everyone share and eat this delicious food from all over the world let me see how alike everyone is and it was very heartwarming to see,” Sajith said. 

This multicultural fair brought people from many different backgrounds at Orange all together in one place to celebrate themselves all together and this even truly inspired many people at the high school.