Out in the Community: Annual art festival recap

photo credit: Ellie Ley

The Art Festival was held on Sunday, April 14 and showcased artwork from Olentangy elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. The festival displayed art from several classes offered at Orange which included engineering and fashion design classes.

The arts festival was organized and set up by students involved in National Art Honor Society and Art Club, students would stay after school and earned volunteer hours to help out. These students in the club work hard every year to set up a successful display for Orange’s art students.

This also includes individual walls and tables for the seniors, as an opportunity for them to showcase their work they created not only this school year, but throughout their high school career. 

Seniors had displays set up for their work in photography, ceramics, paintings and several other types of art. This also allowed them to showcase independent work. 

“I really enjoyed seeing the Senior art tables. They were really well made and I could tlel how hard they worked all year,” said National Art Honors Society member Eowyn Rocks.

Students involved in the Art Club and NAHS helped set up the art show by putting up risers and decorating tables with students of art. This includes sculptures, paintings, and other drawings. 

The art show also displays art from elementary and middle school students. It also included a stand where students could bring in baked goods to sell during the show. 

“I had fun helping to set up the art show. It was hard work but I liked seeing the final result.” said National Art Honors Society member Taylor Boyd. 

The Art Show also held the school’s first arts signing day. Seniors who are going into college for arts, design, theatre or fashion were honored during the show. 

“It was great to send off the Seniors to college showing their dedication to art.” said Rocks. 

The Art Show marks the end of art club meetings, as a way for the students to have a final project at the end of the year.