Breaking News: Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s timeline of the rocky relationship

photo credit: Emily Zimpfer

On Oct. 26 of last year, “First Person Shooter” by Drake and J. Cole went #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The song featured boastful lyrics about being the best rappers alive from both Drake and Cole.

Five months later on Mar. 22, Kendrick Lamar surprise guest featured on “Like That” by Future and Metro Boomin. Also reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, on this track, Lamar dismisses Drake and Cole’s claims at the best rapper title.

Nearly one month later on April 19, Drake takes more direct shots at Lamar’s rap persona and personal life in single “Push Ups”.

Only three days later on the 21st, Drake controversially used AI voices of Lamar influences, Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg, to further enrage Lamar on instagram exclusive single “Taylor Made Freestyle”.

On April 30, Lamar responds to Drake’s attacks alongside making claims about Drake in single “Euphoria”.

Imitating Drake, three days later on May 2, Lamar drops the rage bait filled single “6:16 in LA”.

May 3, Drake drops single “Family Matters” with heavy claims on Lamar’s failed engagement and life as a father. 

Only thirty minutes later, Kendrick Lamar mirrors Drake with familial commentary on eerie single “Meet the Grahams”.

May 4, Lamar releases old-school, west-coast inspired track “Not Like Us” as a response to Drake claiming Kendrick doesn’t represent the west coast with pride.

Two days later on May 6, the latest installment of the legendary rap beef came to us in Drake’s “The Heart Part 6” single, titled as a reference to Lamar’s “The Heart” series of singles.