To binge or not to binge: Shows coming out weekly vs. all at once

photo credit: Valentina Urbaez
permission to print: Netflix

COVID-19 aside, streaming services have been on the rise since Netflix first made itself known. It exposed the public to a new idea where shows now have the ability to pump out seasons at once rather than having to wait a week in between each episode. While many big corporations like Disney+ and Apple TV have stuck with the traditional ways of production, episodes coming out once per week versus entire seasons in one day has created a divide.

I have a respect for both methods of release, having an audience wait a week for the next episode keeps them hooked. They keep a hold on the viewer’s attention and continuously have them coming back. It’s a smart way to build off of what the audience wants out of the show and what keeps things interesting.

With all of the new Marvel shows that have been coming out this year, waiting between each episode gave me something to look forward to. But having entire seasons at my disposal also did the same. I was able to divide it up how I wanted or participate in the binge. Services like Netflix have given people the option of binging, allowing viewers to guzzle down hours’ worth of content in one sitting. I can definitely say that I’ve taken advantage of this option multiple times.  COVID-19 has easily contributed to the rise in binge watching but I think that weekly releases will always hold a special place in people’s hearts for their shows.

However, I’ve heard polarizing opinions on whether binge watching is a good method though. Some people believe that it’s a waste of time and can easily get boring while others, like myself, think that as long as it’s a good show it could be a great time.

For example, season three of “You” was released on Oct. 15, so that Friday I set time aside after school and then on Saturday to buy snacks and buckle down. My friends and I have also prepared for binges with “The Haunting of Hill House” and “Stranger Things”. On the other hand, “Ted Lasso” on Apple TV is a great option for people who don’t mind waiting between episodes.

Personally, I’d much rather have all the seasons of a show at my fingertips in one place. I can choose when and how much of it I want to watch.