Packing your bags: College dorm hacks and packing lists

permission to print image: Gale

College is only a few months away and students are starting to prepare.

There are so many different things that people need to bring and so many tips on how to maximize dorm-living.

Hacks can make living easier, like to “Place dryer sheets on your fan or A/C unit for an instant air freshener or, place a car vent clip on your fans or vents to fill your room with fragrance. Use a pool noodle to fill the gap between your bed and the wall. Keep a list of microwave meal recipes next to the microwave for easy decision making. Use a picture frame as an easy dry erase to-do list,” according to

Having all these hacks can help make dorm life easier and much less cluttered. With two or more people living in one dorm, it makes a lot of things more difficult to do. Having things to ease up the complications really helps.

Shopping for dorm decor is a major part of the preparation.

“Shop where you can get everything you need. Shop where there are discounts [and] where you are comfortable. If the college has sent you a checklist, look it over carefully. Extra toiletries are not a bad idea,” according to TheScholarshipSystem.

These hacks for how to shop for a college dorm can be very useful because a lot of students don’t know what to get and spend too much money on things they wont even need.

ThePennyHoarder says not to buy “A mini-fridge, fancy dorm decor, tons of new clothes, a heap of new school supplies, every single textbook you’re assigned [and a] printer.”

Having unnecessary things doesn’t just take up too much space, it’s also a waste of money. College students normally don’t have enough money to be wasting any, so having extra by not buying these things can be super helpful.

This will also leave more money for the things that are actually needed, like, “Storage bins, sheets and pillowcases, towels, blankets, notebooks, folders, sticky notes, paper clips, rubber bands, tape, scissors, socks, toothpaste, dental floss [and] nail clippers,” according to CollegeBoard.

These are all things people can bring to college because they make organization so much easier and dorm life a lot more simple.