College essentials: The top things to bring

design: Abby Robinson

Hey there pioneers, college is coming up fast and I’m here to give you some nice tips and tricks of college essentials in order to make your college experience even better. Trust me when I say, college is not gonna be easy at all, it’ll be really fun and you’ll more than likely meet the people that will stick with you the rest of your life, but still not easy

When heading out for college, the number one thing youre gonna need is to look fresh, and the best way to start is with hygiene. You don’t wanna be bullied your whole time throughout college, now this isn’t talking about style. You could go in wearing the most unformal/uncausual thing or you could go in wearing the most formal outfit in the world. All that matters is you have good hygiene, not only for the others around you but for yourself mainly, because if you can keep your teeth clean and all other parts of your body, that’ll save so much more money in the long run so that you won’t need to pay for braces or other sorts of medical contraptions.

Another good tip for college, is knowing the “right” people. This doesn’t mean the “popular” kids, but instead, the people around you. Such as, your roommates, neighbors, classmates, anything of that sort. Becoming friends, or at least enough to be on good terms, is very important so that your experience can be way better. You don’t want to be sharing a room with someone you despise or who despises you, that could get really messy. An added bonus of getting close with these people, specifically classmates, is that they could help you out when you’re really struggling with school work.

The last and most important tip I could probably give is actually get your work done, whether by good organization or just really thought out planning, you won’t be able to just wing it like a decent amount of us did in high school, trust me. In college you need to pay attention to almost every lesson and learn how to truly study. A few things I would recommend purchasing to boost this is an organizer for your bag and another big organizer to keep in your dorm. You can use the smaller organizer to keep track of what’s due in the week while you can use the big one at home to keep track of the entire school year, however if college is still only using laptops then you could do the same but with google doc folders.

At the end of the day, college seems so close yet so far for us seniors, and it’s one of the major causes of stress for us at the moment. One of the best things we can do is at least try and enjoy our last summer as highschool students. Let’s not stress too much about what’s to come for a minute. But when it does come just make sure to be prepared and follow at least one of these things on the list.