Teacher farewell: Beloved goodbyes

design: Nathan Chow

Spanish Teacher Alex Tony

Congratulations seniors – you have endured some trying times, but you have strengthened your resilience – you will be ready for anything.

Science Teacher Becky Hockstok

Keep working hard and making us proud!

Social Studies Teacher Jamie Paoloni

Seniors, best of luck on your next adventure. We will miss you but expect great things. Don’t allow your amygdala to override your frontal lobe!

Science Teacher Bethany Janusz

I wish all of the seniors the best! Keep learning new things all your life and remember to be kind to yourself and others.

English Teacher Andrea Vescelius

I highly encourage you to not necessarily follow the path other people have traveled. Instead, study their paths, examine their paths, ask questions about their paths. And then…forge your own path. All the best to you as you move forward!

Math Teacher Bobby Roth

Take it one day at a time, and just keep going. Enjoy!

English Teacher Kari Phillips

Class 2022 seniors- a word to encapsulate your class is endurance, you endured. With everything thrown your way, you persisted and didn’t give up. Bring that attitude
to life beyond high school. We will miss your enduring spirit!

Science Teacher Jessica Timmons

Take the time to celebrate your accomplishments up to this point before stressing about your future.

Science Teacher Jamie Gilbert

Never forget- obstacles are opportunities for growth- always keep growing! Good luck seniors!