Reminiscing through the years: Senior sendoff

design: Nathan Chow

Although it was only four years ago when we first entered this building as students filled with both excitement and trepidation, so much has changed in the world and within each student as individuals.

We were once timid freshmen and have now grown through these transformative years. We can now look back on our time at the high school and hopefully reminisce over all the memories, lessons and growth we have experienced. Even through our mistakes, we, Pioneers,have used these moments to grow, and each of us have gained a new identity.

We have also been lucky enough to be surrounded by teachers and staff who work tirelessly to help students grow into not just better students, but better people. Many have spent long hours outside of what their job requires to create an environment we have utilized toward bettering ourselves.

Our peers have gone from faces without a name, to deep friendships and a collective sense of comradery. It may be fair to say that by being a part of the high school community we have learned more from one another than we could have imagined four years ago. While many of our futures will lead us down vastly different paths, the history and memories we have made together as the class of ‘22 will stick with seniors for a lifetime.

Some of these memories include stories we will surely be able to tell in the future. We can look back on some of the amazing events we’ve had together as a class. Friday night football games had many students come together to support the team while being a part of fun and unique themes. Homecoming dances were always high energy,and we got to see a number of students represent our class in the homecoming court.

While many seniors only got to experience one prom, we certainly made the most of it. Everyone came together and made it an absolutely unforgettable night. Even our normal day-to-day classes could be exciting just from the friends we got to be with.We have been capable of being serious and dedicated toward our studies while also working hard to keep a balance and make high school an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Everyone has made a variety of accomplishments in a number of different areas. Whether it be resulting from academic excellence or doing something like becoming a leader of a club, everyone has done something amazing and unique.

Soon, we will be leaving and upon doing so we will also be leaving three classes behind and an entirely new one will join just as we once did.  These younger grades will surely continue to embody the core values our class has left behind as a foundation.

While we have come a long way, the journey has been far from normal and each student has overcome a level of adversity no one could have predicted. Now, as we look back on these unique and difficult experiences, we are stronger and wiser and can apply what we have learned to other difficult circumstances we may encounter throughout life.

With leaving, many seniors will be starting entirely new chapters of their lives. Some may continue onto college, join the armed forces, begin a career, or one of numerou other possible opportunities, but no matter where we go, we will surely find success.