Trouble in Texas: Abortion law violates rights

design: Makenna Shrager

Imagine waking up one day and learning everyone now must practice the same religion. This would make everyone infuriated and upset; they can’t choose to practice the religion that they want. Now, picture a woman’s body. Imagine they can no longer be in control of their own bodies and choose what to do with themselves. The new law in Texas does just this, and it has people furious, including myself. This law bans abortions after six weeks, and is completely unnecessary. It takes away from women’s rights to their own bodies.

In September, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott put an abortion law into effect. The only exception to this law that almost totally bans abortions is if the abortion is necessary due to a medical emergency. This law means it doesn’t include pregnancies from a result of rape, incest or if a woman isn’t ready or prepared, both mentally and financially, for a child.

The six-week period of time to get an abortion is also unrealistic; most women don’t even know that they’re pregnant by six weeks. Therefore, most women won’t ever get the choice to decide for themselves on this pregnancy that will forever change their lives. Women should be able to choose what they do with their bodies, and this law is preventing that choice.

In order for someone to receive an abortion in Texas, women have to notice their pregnancy early on, and quickly make the decision if they want an abortion or not, even though women sometimes won’t notice they’re pregnant in time. This will force women to travel to other states to get an abortion without legal consequences.

This law also gives people the power to sue anyone who gives or helps someone get an abortion. Though this law doesn’t sue the person receiving the abortion, suing people who are helping another person make a choice that will benefit them isn’t fair. This person is trying to help someone make a decision that can help them and their body, and there shouldn’t be a punishment for that.

Many celebrities have spoken out against the new Texas abortion law as well. Billie Eilish, Kerry Washington and Megan Thee Stallion are amongst the various celebrities voicing their opinions against this law.

“We should all be able to make our own decisions about our health and future,” actress Kerry Washington said on her Twitter. “We have to fight for everyone’s reproductive freedom.”

There are multiple reasons why women may want an abortion, but the ban in Texas rips them from the choice or freedom. It shouldn’t be other people’s business what women do with their bodies, and it’s frustrating when people want to decide for them. It also doesn’t affect other people’s bodies physically if a woman decides to go through with an abortion or not.

Other states also hold restrictions with abortions. States such as Tennessee, West Virginia and Ohio all have bans on abortions past 20 weeks. With Texas’ even shorter grace period for abortions, this could inspire other states to become more restrictive too.

Ohio was close to receiving similar restrictions a couple years ago with the “heartbeat bill”. This bill proposed a ban on abortions past six weeks, similar to Texas’ ban. Fortunately, a federal judge disapproved of this Ohio heartbeat bill, so it was blocked and is not in effect. If this bill had been passed, it would have negatively affected women in Ohio, including the girls here at school.

These abortion bans are affecting people all over the country. Some states are less restrictive, such as New Mexico, where people are able to receive an abortion without a time restraint. Hopefully more states will follow after this and get rid of their restrictions, especially states with such heavy restrictions such as Texas.

Overall, this new law in Texas banning abortions is extremely restrictive on women and their bodies. Women should be able to make the choice for themselves, as not everyone wants to or can go through with a pregnancy. People are protesting against this ban in hopes that it gets reconsidered, and hopefully it does soon.