Valentine’s Day: is it really worth celebrating?

permission to print image: Gale

People every year go out of their way to blow all of their money on little gifts to try and impress the person they like for Valentine’s Day. Then, there are the people who are smart and instead of spending all of their money, they spend time with the person they care about for the day.

Valentine’s Day should not be celebrated, and there are many reasons why it shouldn’t.

Society makes everybody think that Valentine’s Day is the one day that people truly show their love for their significant other or have a relationship, which is just not true. People can show they care about somebody any single day of the year, so the fact that Valentine’s Day is what society believes to be the right day or holiday to show their affection to somebody is crazy.

Another reason why people should not celebrate Valentine’s Day is because of the gifts and money spent. People assume one should buy gifts for their significant other or valentine to try and impress them or show how someone cares about them just by buying some boring card and a teddy bear.

People also assume that the more money one spends on a significant other the more they care about them; relationships should not consist of people blowing through their money to try and show people they care about them. People can show others that they care about them by simply talking to them and being there to talk to them about anything while not worrying about draining one’s wallet for one day.

One final reason why Valentine’s Day should not be celebrated is because of the belief that people need other people to like them and accept them in order to be happy.

People don’t need to have support from society or from others close to them to feel happy. People need self-love; people shouldn’t care about what others think about them and how they act and live instead. People should be able to do whatever they want without having to worry about not fitting in or not being accepted by others because of the way they act.

The right way to spend Valentine’s Day is to just spend time with the special someone; there is no need to spend money on them to show them.

Single for Valentine’s Day this year? It is not a big deal! Celebrate the day with friends and family. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that Valentine’s Day can only be celebrated with a significant other.