Radiant Rachel: Cool cafes around Columbus

design: Sophie Rogers
permission to print: Rachel Lehman

My go-to place to study is usually the library especially if I have an important project or paper to write. Although the silence and bland walls are nice if I really need to focus, sometimes it can be a little depressing too. Sometimes a change in scenery is needed, so luckily, I found some of the best local cafes to not only get a tasty treat but also have a comfortable place to get work done.

  1. Java Central Cafe and Roaster, Westerville

Java Central is located in Uptown Westerville has a very comfortable atmosphere. The staff is very welcoming, and it offers seating inside or also shaded places outside. The menu consists of in-house made scones and pastries, sandwiches, salads, drinks. I’m particularly a fan of their matcha lattes and blueberry cheesecake scones.  Although, some limitations are the lack of parking spots close by and limited places to sit inside. Also, Java Central is popular with locals so there are times when tables are completely full, and outlets to charge are limited. Rating: 4/5 coffee cups

  1. Roosevelt Coffeehouse, Lewis Center

Roosevelt Coffeehouse is a part of the Olentangy River Brewing Company. I will admit, the atmosphere is a little bit more intimidating because it’s more popular with adults, but it’s very common to see other people working on their laptops. There’s plenty of parking available and a large variety of places to sit including couches, individual tables, and benches with plenty of outlets. There are also places available to sit outside with umbrellas so there is some shade. The menu for beverages and food is limited and when it gets busier in the evening, it can get quite loud and crowded. Rating: 4/5 coffee cups

  1. Coffeeology, Delaware

Right off the bat, Coffeeology is a bit farther away from all other cafes listed. It’s about a 20-30 minute drive, which is inconvenient, but it is unique as not only a cafe but also an art center that supports local artisans and small businesses. Similar to Java Central, it’s located in Uptown Delaware so parking can be a pain. The interior is spacious with plenty of places to sit. They have a very large menu of drinks as well pastries and toast. Visit during off-peak hours because it can get crowded with people browsing. Rating: 3/5 coffee cups

  1. Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea, Lewis Center

Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea originally is very similar to Starbucks and has its own specialty drinks such as frozen Ice Dragons. Sweetwaters is located at the Pointe at Polaris and is surrounded by other very popular restaurants so while there is parking and even a parking garage available, parking may be difficult to find especially on weekends. If Starbucks becomes overdone, Sweetwaters is the alternative I’d recommend instead.Rating: 3/5 coffee cups

5. Mr. Bean Coffee, Powell

Mr. Bean Coffee has my favorite interior of any cafe. With lots of plants, it’s super cozy and instead radio music, they have relaxing spa music playing. It’s located in Liberty Township but has its own hassel-free parking lot. They have food such as bagels and muffins and beverages such as coffees and teas. One big downside is that it’s only open until 5 pm on weekdays, 6pm on Saturdays, and 4 pm on Sundays. Additionally, the tables are very small, and there are limited outlets.This is likely not the most ideal place to sit and work for a few hours unless it’s Saturday. Rating: 2/5 coffee cups