Some nice advice: Tips for the underclassmen

design: Varsha Ventkateshwaran
photos permission to print: Ryann Allender and Sathvika Kasarla

College Applications

I would recommend breaking down the long to-do list so you aren’t scrambling to do everything at the last minute. In a way, these essays play a part in how your future will look so you should have time to be thoughtful and express who you are to the colleges you’re applying to!

General Advice

Be present! High school is a cool time, because after you graduate there will most likely never be a time that you are all in the same building again. Be intentional with the time you have here at Orange and take advantage of opportunities to make someone’s day better. That is how you can leave a legacy.


Start getting involved very early in high school. You may regret it when you’re a senior and you don’t have enough things to put under activities in your college application and when you may not get an officer position in a club you like.


Try not to compare yourself to other students and be content with the effort you put in rather than the grades you receive. That’s the right thing to do.

Making Friends

Surround yourself with people who make you feel appreciated.